Learn To Fly 2

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4-2Welcome to the website which is dedicated to the one of the greatest flash game about penguin is trying to learn how to fly high in the sky. In this game, your mission is to buy special updates and raise your flying skills. Everytime you make an effort to fly, you gain money, which can be spent in the shop to buy some stuff for your penguin, for example Wings,special engine or something else. The more upgrades you buy, the more powerful your penguin will become. Learn to fly 2 a game that will keep you entertained for hours. There are no basic controls for this game that you should remember, all actions are made using the arrow buttons but I would recommend you to look through the in-game instructions in order to discover other features of the game.

Play New Version: Learn To Fly 3

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Also, don't skip the beginning of the game, watch the colorful story about the penguin which escapes from hospital in order to learn how to fly.  Now you have opportunity to play the full version of Learn To Fly 2 at our website so have some fun.

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